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Turkey Tail Mushroom – Beat Hangover And Beyond

Thanksgiving. A festive occasion with lots of wine and turkey. Well, sometimes a little too much. If you ever have suffered from a hangover after Thanksgiving, it is time to give praise to turkey tail of a different kind. Turkey tail mushroom belongs to the family of medicinal mushrooms and might be your to-go-to-friend to balance out the indulgence and lack of sleep after the celebration.

This power mushroom is named after its distinctive striped fan that resembles the feather formation of a wild turkey, however, the exoticness does not stop here. The Ancient Egyptians called this power mushroom the ‘sons of gods’, sent to protect them from harm.


How Does Turkey Tail Help Overcome Hangover?

Like all medicinal mushrooms, turkey tail mushroom has immune boosting properties. In addition, its antioxidant activity neutralizes the free radicals from too much food and wine too late at night. Its anti-inflammatory and energizing effects round up the perfect natural remedy for hangover symptoms.


Beyond Thanksgiving: Turkey Tail Mushroom Has More In Store For You

Trametes versicolor, its botanical name, houses special compounds called PSK (Polysaccharide Krestin) and PSP (Polysaccharide Peptide). Theses polysaccharides form a special bug police among its fungal family.

Hence, turkey tail mushroom is said to be especially effective when it comes to fighting off pathogens, viruses, harmful bacteria and parasites. Modern science slowly catches up with what our Chinese and Egyptian elders have known for thousands of years.

And get this, in addition turkey tail mushroom is said to promote natural cell death (apoptosis) which is important when it comes to fighting cancer. It also helps with digestion, stabilize blood sugar, neutralizes the ill-effects of stress, balance hormones and moods, and the list goes on and on.


A Turkey Tail A Day…

To summarize, turkey tail mushroom will help you combat anything with unfriendly designs on your body. It’s an immune supertonic. Taken regularly, as part of a healthy diet, it’s an effective medicinal mushroom. Take it as a supplement or cook it as part of a meal. Either way, getting it into your guts will ensure that you have the best balance for fighting off whatever might be coming your way.


Is Your Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Potent?

In order to reap the numerous benefits outlined in this post, the turkey tail mushroom extract has to be of high quality. Make an informed and empowered decision when it comes to choosing the best source for your turkey tail mushroom extract. Read the post or watch the video: 6 Important Tips For Buying High Quality Medicinal Mushrooms


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