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Medicinal Potency: The Truth About Mushroom Coffee Mixes

Have you already tried some of those cute mushroom coffee and chocolate mixes that are available now in organic coffee shops around your corner? Or have you considered buying a mushroom enhanced superfood blend or energy drink?

Mixing mushroom powder with coffee, chocolate or smoothies is definitely a good way to get the medicine in. Because, quite frankly, most mushroom extract powders taste a bit earthy and are not delivering the OMG-factor to the taste buds. By the way, in case there are still any doubts left at this point, we are talking about medicinal mushrooms here, not the magic psycho-active ones.

Anyway, recently, a friend of mine approached me and asked for my opinion about mushroom enhanced products. I am glad he did, since there are some important facts mushroom consumers need to be aware of when it comes to mushroom enhanced coffee mixes, chocolate and superfood blends.


‘Most medicinal mushroom products available in our stores are of poor quality.’

The majority of medicinal mushroom supplements are not as potent and medicinal as they are said to be. So, if you’re after the highly promising medicinal values of mushrooms, do your due diligence.


What to watch out for

The most important thing to watch out for is scientifically verified levels of beta-glucan and triterpenoids. Those are the compounds that make mushrooms so medicinal. A good quality product should show between 15%-40% of beta-glucan. Though, the optimal level of beta-glucan varies with each mushroom variety. Of course, there are other valuable compounds, as well, but those two are the main ones.

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that beta-glucan belongs to the family of polysaccharides. However, polysaccharides can also simply be starch or alpha-glucans, which are not nearly as medicinal as beta-glucans, if at all.

Don’t be fooled, when companies brag about the high polysaccharide content in their mushroom product. As you know by now, this is not indicative for the beta-glucan level at all.

For example, a higher level of polysaccharides can also come from starchy fillers or from the way it was grown. In such cases, the quality of the mushroom product is typically compromised.

For a complete guide to making an informed and empowered decision, read or watch “6 Important Tips For Buying High Quality Medicinal Mushrooms”


To wrap it up


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