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8 Easy Tips to Kickstart Your Mornings

Looking to upgrade your morning routine? Here are 8 tips to tackle those pre-noon hours and make it an epic day. Here we go!


1. Set The Tone With Gratitude

It sounds simple, but right when you wake up, take the time to think of three things you’re grateful for. Start out in a warm, happy frame of mind.

2. Soak In the sunlight

Open the curtains and say good morning to the sun and another day. If you cannot see the sun, say good morning anyway, the sun is shining somewhere behind the clouds. Exposing yourself to sunlight or daylight in the morning will re-calibrate your bio-rhythm and it will be easier for your body to get going.

3. Hydrate!

I get people pulling faces when I say this, but drink some warm water. I squeeze a few lemon drops into mine every morning, which will make the water extra hydrating. Water is so good for you, and warm water is even better. It helps to kickstart your metabolism, improve blood circulation, and encourage your digestive system. All before breakfast!

4. Get The Body Movin’

Start the day by raising your heart rate. You’ve been sleeping for a while, and your body needs to change gear to take advantage of the day. Go for a short  10 min run, do some yoga, shake your body for 5 minutes, even taking a cold shower will help. Kicking your heart out of neutral will get you breathing deeply, the blood will flow better, you’re much more energized.

5. Get The Medicine In

It’s not really daytime until you’ve had your coffee, right? For me, it’s more about the mushrooms. Cordyceps and lion’s mane are both powerful medicinal mushrooms with anti-oxidants and numerous other immune-boosting properties. In addition, Cordyceps extract has amazing energizing properties and lion’s mane extract soothes the nervous system and sharpens the mind.

This will definitely kick-start your morning. You can simply add it to hot water with a sweetener and creamer. Of course, you can also add it to your coffee. The flavor of the extracts blends in quite well.

6. Feed Your Soul

Stop. You’ve primed your body, now pause. Take at least ten minutes to prime your mind. Have a time of silence and mindfulness. Feed your soul something positive; an uplifting text, a meditation session. This might leave a sweet feeling of lightness and contentment that carries you through the day.

7. Nourish Your Body

Now, eat! It’s been hours since you nourished your body. Make sure that you have a healthy, nourishing breakfast to fuel you up for your day.

8. Make A Plan

Do you have a plan? It sounds boring, but a proactive day is so much more efficient than a reactive one. You only need to spend a few minutes each morning on it, but make a plan of what you want to accomplish that day.

Just writing it down increases your chances of completing it. If you don’t know what you want to do with your time, you end up reacting to what the day throws at you. You end up disorganized and tired.


When You Find Your Source, Anything Is Possible

You’ve engineered the perfect start to the day. Once you’ve created healthy habits in the morning, it will be easier to keep going through the day!


Need A Trustworthy Source For Your Medicinal Mushroom Extracts?

As with anything you put in your body; choose carefully, use wisely. Not all medicinal mushroom powders are of high medicinal value. It depends on how it has been grown and how it was prepared. Pick your mushroom extract based on quality. Use a reputable source.

Read or watch the video “6 important tips for buying high quality Medicinal Mushrooms” to make an informed decision.

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