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Is Your Medicinal Mushroom Supplement Potent?

Did you know that most medicinal mushroom supplements on the market are not your money’s worth?


Before you purchase the next best medicinal mushroom powder, make sure it is potent and high in bio-active medicinal compounds.

How do you know which medicinal mushroom supplement is potent and which one is not? If you want to know, keep reading…

4 Most Important Tips To Make Sure You Get Your Money’s Worth

Alright, let’s jump right in…

# 1: Does it say mycelium or fruiting body?

Mycelium is the mushrooms rooting system, while the fruiting body is the mushroom cap so to speak. The highly celebrated medicinal values are found in the fruiting body, not in the mycelium.  So, make sure your mushroom supplements are made from fruiting bodies. Read the labels carefully.

# 2: Is the mushroom powder raw or extracted?

Raw and unprocessed is in many cases a healthy choice. However, when it comes to medicinal mushrooms, it is important to take an extract.


Because most important phytochemicals are not bio-available in raw medicinal mushrooms.  Only extraction makes those highly medicinal compounds bio-available. Extractions have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine and have been proven to be very effective.

# 3: What is the Beta-D-glucan level?

Beta-D-glucan is one of the main medicinal compounds found in medicinal mushrooms. There are many phytochemicals besides Beta-D-glucan, however the level of Beta-D-glucans can be used as a gauge for the mushrooms overall potency. The optimal beta-D-glucan level is anywhere between 15% and 40% depending on the medicinal mushroom variety.

Another thing to keep in mind: Some companies praise the high polysaccharide levels of their mushroom products. This number is meaningless unless you know the beta-D-glucan level. So so your due diligence!

# 4: Is the mushroom supplement tested for heavy metals?

Mushrooms are cleaning up the planet when running wild unless they are harvested to serve as medicinal supplements for us. If they were grown in a polluted environment, they probably have accumulated a good amount of toxins and also heavy metals. To make sure your medicinal mushroom extract is pure, check if the product is organic and was 3rd party tested for heavy metals and other contaminants.

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