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5 Steps to Focus Your Mind Into The Zone

Speaking on stage is super difficult for me. Over the years, I have developed a system that allows me to speak from my heart. To do that I need to get into the zone. Now I can give it everything that I have. It’s a smooth ride to reach that zone. I can speak without effort. The words fall into place.

Today, I will let you in on a secret that will get you the best results every time with anything you do.

Let’s have a go.


Step 1: Pre-event Routine

I have to do a pre-show ritual. If I don’t, I will not get the results I want. My words will come from my head, and not my heart. You could say that my heart won’t be in it! So what do I do?

I meditate, I breathe, I stretch. This takes around 60 minutes.

My meditation includes visualization practices. I have to calm the little voice inside me. That’s my anxiety, and she needs to be sleeping when I go on stage! My breathing exercise is simple; I take a deep breath in through my nose, then I let it out through my mouth. I repeat that 30 times.

This might seem like a giant effort, but I promise you that once you’re in the flow, you’ll see how much better your results are.


Step 2: Lose the Distractions

For one hour before I need to perform, I need to be alone. Nothing must distract me. I can’t talk to anyone. It might come across as rude, but people who know me recognize that to do my best, I need to get in that flow. I need to set myself up in advance. I need to focus.


Step 3: Focus On Giving, Not Getting

To put it another way, focus on the process, not the results. Concentrating on what you want to get from an experience just adds pressure. Pressure causes anxiety and stress.

So, focus on what you can give to the performance. Your energy, your presence. It puts you in the present rather than an imagined future. There is no healthier place for the mind than in the present. It will make you do a better job. That will reap better results.


Step 4: Give Yourself A Deadline

Oh, this is so important. There is not a person alive that is immune to procrastination. Humans need goals to shoot for. Look back on your past performances. The times when you’ve stopped procrastinating were the times you had a specific deadline to meet. It fires the brain cells up and gets the juices flowing. It’s just how we work.

So, make a deadline. And don’t stop there: Tell the right people what the deadline is. Burn your bridges! Once you’ve made that promise, you’ve got to stick to it.


Step 5: Go All The Way

If you stop working just before you hit the zone, things won’t flow as smoothly as they could be. It takes at least 30 minutes of consistent effort to get to the state where your actions become effortless, where your words fall into place.  Go for it and be in the zone!


Here Is The Tricky Part…

Having said all this, I will now tell you not to chase the flow. If you chase it, you’re effectively focusing on results, and you won’t find it. Find the balance between effort and flow. Stay in the present. Focus on your giving.


How Can Medicinal Mushrooms Help To Get Into The Zone?

A cup of reishi mushroom extract tea can help to calm and clear the mind, a cup of lion’s mane mushroom extract tea can help with soothing the nerves and focusing the mind and a cup of cordyceps mushroom extract tea can help to increase energy and motivation to go all the way.

Taken together they get into the zone from three different angles. Here is a yummy recipe:

Add all ingredients with warm/hot water and stir well until extract powder is well dissolved. Enjoy!


Need A Trustworthy Source For Your Medicinal Mushroom Extracts?

As with anything you put in your body; choose carefully, use wisely. Not all medicinal mushroom powders are of high medicinal value. It depends on how it has been grown and how it was prepared. Pick your fungus based on quality. Use a reputable source.

Read or watch the video “6 important tips for buying high quality Medicinal Mushrooms” to make an informed decision.

Check out our shop at and find that we play in the high league of medicinal mushroom extracts.


When you find your source, anything is possible!

Hopefully, these tips help you to flow into the zone!

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