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Falling Asleep With Reishi – A Potent Night Time Elixir


It’s dark outside. The wind is picking up. You shift on your seat, pulling a blanket around you as you think about going to bed. You would love to lay your head on the pillow and drift off to lullaby land.

But you know it won’t happen like that. The events of the day swirl around in your head, as effective as a shot of coffee at keeping you awake. Low-grade, everyday anxiety and stress all contribute to insomnia.


When You Have Trouble Sleeping, What You Need Is A Nice Calming Cup Of Reishi

Let’s pop into the kitchen on our way to bed. There, I’ll show you how to put your demons to bed, mushroom style. Reishi calms the mind and spirit. A cup before bed will calm anxiety down and send us off into a deep, healing sleep. A great number of people nowadays seem to live on an emotional knife edge. You’re either on a high or down at a low point. Reishi dulls that edge to keep you calm.


Night Time Elixir: Chamomile Tea And Reishi

So let’s get the kettle on. I suggest that we make an elixir with reishi and chamomile. By the way, chamomile is a recognized calming herb in its own right, and pairs very well with reishi for a sleepy night potion.

First we prepare the chamomile tea and then we add some reishi extract powder.


Proper Dosage For Beginners – Get Used To The Bitter Taste

If you are new to reishi, it is better to start with a quarter teaspoon of extract powder. Reishi tastes quite bitter. It’s something you might take a while to get used to. It’s worth it though, I urge you to learn to embrace that bitter flavor. In fact, when it comes to reishi, the bitter the better. Work up to a half teaspoon, then eventually a good level teaspoon.

Of course, you can add a little bit of honey or another sweetener to mitigate the taste. A quick stir, and there you go. Take it to bed with you and sip it as you read a book. Reishi is a beautiful calming preparation for a nice deep sleep.


Add Reishi To Your Daily Routine

Take an energizing mushroom extract such as cordyceps in the morning and pamper yourself with reishi at night. You’ll feel yourself changing gear. Down-regulate your nervous system ready for one of modern society’s most wanted (and least attained) goals – a really good night’s sleep.


A little About The Amazingness Of Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi mushroom has been known for thousands of years as the mushroom of immortality. Here you have it, it is not only going to be your buddy for yummy sleepy nights, but also helps you to feel younger and more vital during the day. In addition, it has a multitude of body-boosting powers: it can

Reishi is a mediator. Let it into your system and it will work with your mind, body, and spirit to bring a little bit more integration between them. And that’s just its day job. What reishi really stands out for is at keeping you at peace.


What To Watch Out For When Buying Reishi Mushroom Powders

Make an informed and empowered decision when it comes to choosing the best source for your reishi mushroom extract. Read the post or watch the video: 6 Important Tips For Buying High Quality Medicinal Mushrooms


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