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Chaga Mushroom vs. Herpes: Ending The Tiring Battle

The struggle with herpes simplex. It’s a common problem, ranging in severity from un-noticeable to almost life-threatening (at least socially speaking).

And my friend Sarah* knows. She hasn’t had genital herpes, but she does have a history of labial herpes, better known as cold sores.


A Tale Of Woe

Here’s the story. Sarah once dated a guy – Kevin* – who was prone to cold sores. Whenever his immune system overloaded or he became stressed, he would break out. And they were pretty big lesions. They would become white and infected, with surrounding redness, even inflammation.

Well, my friend dated Kevin for around 18 months. As you can imagine, Sarah also ended up with cold sores. Anytime her immune system was under stress, out they would come. And they were big. They were painful. They hung around for what seemed like forever.

She wanted to be rid of these eyesores and was willing to try anything to achieve her ends.


Here Comes Chaga Mushroom – Our King! Our Hero!

Chaga mushroom known as the “King of Mushrooms” is our antiviral hero. As part of the medicinal mushroom family, chaga has been gaining popularity in Western alternative medicine circles due to its numerous healing benefits. Read more on what is so powerful about medicinal mushrooms here.

Most medicinal mushrooms have immunomodulating properties, but chaga has a potent, scientifically proven antiviral effects. In one study, extract of chaga exhibited a marked decrease in herpes simplex infection. Great news for anyone who has suffered from these unsightly blisters!

How does chaga do that? Click here for a more sciency explanation.


A Chaga A Day Keeps The Cold Sores Away!

Chaga also works at a preventative level. It has widely touted abilities to regulate the immune system. A boosted immune system means that your body is more capable of fighting off the early stages of pathogenic invasion. It also boasts anti-inflammatory qualities, meaning that chronic symptoms are greatly reduced. With it, your organs are in better shape to keep your systems working at their best. Your body is in better health all round.

So, if you’re fighting inflammation as a result of infection, battling a chronic condition or waging war on a viral invader, chaga is your go-to guy.

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Turkey Tail Mushroom – Chaga’s Heavenly Support In the Anti-Virus Battle

Chaga mushroom by itself may do its royal service to fight the herpes simplex virus. However, with its buddy Turkey Tail also called “sons of god” by our Egyptian elders, they can join and double forces against viral invaders. There are no published studies to prove Turkey Tail’s ability to combat the herpes simplex virus specifically. However, there are studies showing its anti-viral properties.

Update: There actually is a study suggesting turkey tail’s antiherpetic properties. So chaga and turkey tail combined are a herpes battling power team!


How To ‘Take’ Medicinal Mushrooms?

Medicinal mushrooms have benefitted and transformed many lives. They are a super supplement to your daily diet. Although many of them have a bitter taste, they come in powdered form and can be added to many foods and drinks. Add them to matcha, coffee, hot chocolate, tea or smoothies. Bake them into, well, whatever you feel like baking!


Make Sure Your Chaga Mushroom Extract Is Potent!

As with anything you put in your body; choose carefully, use wisely. Not all medicinal mushroom powders are of high medicinal value. It depends on how it has been grown and how it was prepared. Pick your fungus based on quality. Use a reputable source.

Read “6 important tips for buying high quality Medicinal Mushrooms” to make an empowered decision.


*names changed as requested.

Read more about Medicinal Mushrooms here

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