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What are the health benefits of upgrading your coffee/ tea with chaga mushroom extract?

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Mushrooms in my coffee?…ok, please hear us out! What sounds like a strange thing to do might turn out to be one of the smartest things you could do for your health!

First, What Does Chaga Mushroom Extract Taste Like? Will It Spoil My Coffee/ Tea?

Short answer, no, it won’t spoil your coffee/tea. Authentic chaga extract has a rather earthy and sometimes more of a bitter taste. Since coffee and black tea also has a bitter taste, the chaga extract flavor blends right in.

Ok, And What Are The Benefits Of Adding Chaga Extract To My Coffee/Tea?

Today, approximately 90% of all American adults consume caffeine in some form each day (coffee, tea, chocolate, etc). While many are probably reaching for caffeine to obtain the boost of energy it provides, most know that caffeine can also have its downsides if consumed in excess amounts.

Caffeine can have an effect on the body when it comes to acidity, digestion, energy crashes, brain fog, and several other factors. As it turns out, adding chaga extract to our coffee or tea has the potential to offset many of the potential downsides.

Here is how chaga extract can balance out many of the unwanted side effects:

In addition chaga mushroom extract may strengthen the immune system, promote healthy inflammatory response, promote apoptosis (important function in preventing cancer), balance blood sugar, benefit cholesterol levels, have anti-viral properties, promote anti-aging and healthy skin.

Click here for scientific research on chaga mushroom extract.

What Makes Our Chaga Extract ‘Premium’?

Our medicinal mushroom extracts are more potent and of higher quality compared to most other medicinal mushroom supplements on the market. Why? Because our medicinal mushroom powders are

Check out our shop and find that we play in the high league of medicinal mushroom extracts.

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