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6 Things You Need To Do When Feeling Overwhelmed

Is life getting to you? There just seem to be so many things to do, and they all need to be done yesterday!

Don’t panic. There is help. When life feels a little bit messy, clear your mind. Start creating a bit of a game plan for how you’re going to move forward. Let’s see how to do that.


1. Brainstorm

Write down all the things that are taking up space in your head. Include all the things that are nagging at you, everything that you feel needs to be done now. Just dump it all on a piece of paper, in any order.


2. Prioritize

Getting it all on paper can lighten the load, but what will really clear the waters is a good evaluation of that brain dump. It’s the most important part. When you feel overwhelmed, you feel like absolutely everything needs to be done today, and everything needs to be done by you. A lot of the time that’s simply not the case. Go through all the things on your list and ask yourself three questions:

By spending 30 minutes or so creating a plan, you are going to save yourself so much time in the long run. Plus, it’s going to decrease those feelings of being overwhelmed.


3. Delegate

You need to grocery shop. There’s nothing left in the house. But you also have a coffee date with a friend. You promised you’d see them. You’ve already canceled three times. On top of that, your taxes need doing, and they look like they’ll take three days rather than three hours.

Look at your brainstorm list and ask yourself which of these tasks you could delegate. Other people could help you with some of them; perhaps even do a better job than you would.

Get on the phone to that person in your life who you know is good with taxes and ask them for help in exchange for a nice meal. That’s how friendships and relationships work, but sometimes you need to actually ask.

Maybe instead of going out grocery shopping you could order it all online and get it delivered. It will cost you $10, but give yourself that little luxury. You’re overwhelmed! Give yourself a break!


4. No Distraction, Please!

Filter out any and all distractions. Turn off. Feel free to hide in a closet! Close all browser tabs that have nothing to do with the thing that you should be doing. Block your email so that you can’t check it. Forget about everything else and you’ll do what you need to do faster and better.


5. Accept Imperfection

Are you the type of person who gets overwhelmed because when you do something, you have to get it bang on? Well, you’re not alone. For all those that like it flawless: We are looking for progress here, not perfection.

Have a chat with yourself. Bring awareness to your perfectionist tendencies. Take a deep breath and make peace with the fact that you can’t get top grades in everything. Accomplish your task in the best way you can, given the rather stressful circumstances. It doesn’t have to be excellent; it’s OK to be just good enough.


6. Keep Calm And Focus

Find that safe spot where the distractions can’t find you and concentrate on calming your mind. Find your inner peace. Meditate. Do yoga. Whatever floats your boat on your calm waters. You’ll feel better. You’ll focus better. Relaxation increases mental clarity and focus by increasing brain blood flow.


How Can Medicinal Mushrooms Help With Overwhelm?

A cup of reishi mushroom extract tea can help to calm and clear the overwhelmed mind, a cup of lion’s mane mushroom extract tea can help with soothing the nerves and sharpening the mind and a cup of cordyceps mushroom extract tea can help to increase energy and motivation to get ‘stuff’ done.

Taken together they address overwhelm from three different angles. Here is a recipe for our ‘Overwhelm Remedy Mushroom Elixir’

Add all ingredients with warm/hot water and stir well until extract powder is well dissolved. Enjoy!


Need A Trustworthy Source For Your Medicinal Mushroom Extracts?

As with anything you put in your body; choose carefully, use wisely. Not all medicinal mushroom powders are of high medicinal value. It depends on how it has been grown and how it was prepared. Pick your fungus based on quality. Use a reputable source.

Read or watch the video “6 important tips for buying high quality Medicinal Mushrooms” to make an informed decision.

Check out our shop at and find that we play in the high league of medicinal mushroom extracts.


When you find your source, anything is possible!

Hopefully, these tips help you to rock through your day! And remember, if it starts piling up again, run through your steps. A calm mind is an efficient mind! You got this!





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